Vibes "Hair Care" Investment

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1 Open Opportunity. 1 Time Payment


What am I investing in?

You are investing in the launch and production of Vibes Bath And Body's "Vibes Hair Care" line. Which will include the following products.

All Natural Hair Oil 

All Natural Pomade

All Natural Pomade (Max Hold)



Funding will provide the resources to produce and release products no later than January 1st 2019.


What are my benefits?

This investment opportunity provides:

1. A monthly return on "Vibes Hair Care" product Investment.

2.You will receive a variety "Vibes Bath And Body" gift-set every 2 Months.

3.A personal discount code up to 20%off site-wide 

4.Become a Vibes Hair Care "Brand Ambassador" and be signed up as a affiliate to earn from direct referrals.

5.A Vibes Bath And Body or Vibes Hair Care T-Shirt.


*A brand ambassador is a person who is hired by an organization or company to represent a brand in a positive light and by doing so help to increase brand awareness and sales.(OPTIONAL)


Once company hit's green with profit margins there will be full partnership opportunity's for investor.


How will I make my money back?

We are offering 20% interest rate on initial investment. A monthly payment will be made to investor.

Along with being a ambassador having a lifetime discount, receiving free and exclusive products, You'll also be signed up as a affiliate to earn from direct referrals.

This is not a quick flip. Looking for 1 Long-Term Investor. 12 month term. Guarantee return of initial investment within 365 days and interest rate of 20%..


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